Funny Coven

I have put lots of funny things on these pages, which I liked, or which I have created by myself (which doesn't mean, of course, I don't like it). Hope you're gonna like it too...

Jokes from my collection
My collection of jokes is pretty large, and there are still lots jokes to prepare for putting there. Mostly, it's based on archives of Chomor discussion list. Available in Polish only.

Stories from my archives
Various (more or less - I hope rather more) funny stories. I put here funny essays I write for myself, as well as written by someone else (if I get some).

A cool picture
You just gotta see it! Altrough I didn't work on this one very long (an hour or so), I made it make lots of people laugh! So, here we go...

A choice of humor from the Net
Links to other pages devoted to fun...

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